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We believe the customer is the number 1 priority and seek to provide products and services that will ultimately allow our customer to Increase profit margins, sales, and satisfaction.

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Our Designers do everything for you from graphics to programming, so you don't have to lift a finger. Never using templates like some other Web Designers, we sit down with you and learn about your business so that we can build a completely custom website that helps you reach your goals.

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Using Intels latest generation of processors our servers draw less power than ever before. On top of this your website hosted with Parra Solutions will be powered by 300% wind energy, making your website's carbon footprint negative! We have a on-going commitment to Green Programs across the Globe.

Customer Spotlight

Margo Garden Products

Parra Solutions was contracted to create a multilingual, CMS driven, user friendly, high fidelity, and all inclusive website for Margo Garden Products, a premiere lawn and garden supplier with locations and distributions all over the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We worked with Margo Garden Products very closely to learn about their business and their customer.

We created a website using PHP and MySQL Databases that could switch between languages very easily using a drop down box. This could be accomplished from any page on the website - even from the back panel CMS. It supported as many languages as current hardware and memory limitations would allow (in the thousands) even though only two were required, English and Spanish. Today the drop down box has been hidden because of the high maintenance requirements of a multilingual website but will be un-hidden in the future as Margo Garden Products Spanish speaking customer base expands.

Click the buttom below to check out the vast assortment of products that Margo Garden Products supplies to currently Home Depot.